• Global Financial Empowerment

About Us

SharedLending developed the CORE Score in 2015 to empower users anywhere in the world to get a free and instant risk assessment independent of any third party database.  The CORE Score was tested and piloted by financial institutions around the world.

The feedback was huge and immediate.


1. There is global demand for intelligent models not beholden to legacy databases.

2. Young people all over the world want the same thing: financial independence.

3. Regardless of country or government, opportunity is the greatest enabler for humankind.


The same spirit that inspired SharedLending to develop and introduce the CORE Score drives us now to provide financial empowerment tools to users anywhere in the world.  We have always believed in the power of the global citizen.  Today’s world is instant connectedness where people can share ideas with anyone, anywhere, anytime.  This power of transformation depends on only prime mover catalyst: the idea itself. Is your idea ready to change the world?